Server Info
Fearless Experience Stages
1 Level to 20 Level 15x
21 Level to 40 Level 10x
41 Level to 60 Level 5x
61 Level to 80 Level 4x
81 Level to 100 Level 3x
101+ Level 2x


Skills 4x
Magic Level 2x
Loot Custom


Bonus Experience 
Sharing experience will give additional experience depending on the party size and vocations.

Activating shared experience among character of:

        Same vocation: 20%
        2 different vocations: 30%
        3 different vocations: 60%
        4 different vocations: 100%


Frag System
White Skull 15 minutes
Red Skull 2 days
Frags to Red Skull 6 kills in a day (24 in a week and 48 in a month)
Frags to Banishment 8 kills in a day (64 in a week and 128 in a month)
Ban Time 2 days


Server Info
World Type Open PvP
Client Version Nostalrius Client 8.0 (New Anti-Bot Security)
Location United States


General Information
Premium Account Paid
Promotion Premium Account
Outfits Premium Account
Boats and Spells Free Account
PZ Lock 15 Minutes
Spells Charge Conjured Runes: 2x and NPC Runes: 1x
War System PvP-Enforced
Cast System without Password +10% Experience
Protection Level Rookgaard
Protection Zones Boats and Carpets
    Level to Buy House Level 50
Level to Create Guild Level 20


There are 5 different blessings:
The Spiritual Shielding, south of Thais.
The Embrace of Medivia, north of Carlin.
The Fire of the Suns, just below Ab'Dendriel.
The Wisdom of Solitude, on Nordag's Island.
The Spark of the Phoenix, inside Kazordoon. First Kawill then Pydar.
 A character loses 10% of his experience when he dies, but Promoted players only loses 7%. Each blessing decreases the percentage by 1%, so the least possible experience a player can lose upon death is 2%, with blessings and promotion. After death a character will lose all blessings.


Vocation HP Seconds Vocation Mana Seconds
Elite Knight 4 2 sec Elite Knight 8 4 sec
Knight 4 3 sec Knight 8 6 sec
Royal Paladin 4 3 sec Royal Paladin 8 3 sec
Paladin 4 4 sec Paladin 8 4 sec
Master Sorcerer 4 4 sec Master Sorcerer 8 2 sec
Sorcerer 4 6 sec Sorcerer 8 3 sec
Elder Druid 4 4 sec Elder Druid 8 2 sec
Druid 4 6 sec Druid 8 3 sec