Nostalrius Warmode English

Nostalrius Team is happy to announce the First Warmode tournament!

Here is how it will work:

The duration of the tournament will depend on the amount of teams that participate  And the big winners will take home R$2,00.00 (Brazilian Currency) + 80% of inscription fees. In order to participate in the tournament each player has to pay 10 Nostalrius coins until the end of the inscription. The prize will be given to the leader and vice leaders of the winning guild who will have the responsibility to share it with the rest of the members according to their own terms, so be aware of who to trust as your leaders!

In order to pay the inscription fee players need to send 10 Nostalrius coins to CM Jones, Carlin with a letter saying for which team the player will fight.

The Final day of inscription Its 03/10/2019.
After inscriptions are closed the dates of battles will be set according to how many teams will participate and coordination between teams and nostalrius staff so everyone can bring their full force into the field of battle!

Battles will happen inside a custom Map so other players don't interfere.

This map will contain:

  • Depot boxes so players can store supplies.
  • Supply npcs
  • All deaths inside the event will count as normal PvP deaths and supplies will also be wasted normally, so be prepared in cash and level!

Tournament Rules:

  1. Date and time of battles will be defined in a meeting between team leaders and nostalrius staff.
  2. If a team fails to show up for the battle and be late for more than 45 Minutes for ANY REASON, it will be considered an automatic LOSS.
  3. Teams are allowed to bring between 20 to 35 Players, The number will be set by the amount of the team with fewer players( If team A has only 20 players, Team B has to choose only 20 players to bring to the battlefield).
  4. The battle will be won when the first team Reaches 100 kills, and needs to be finished on the same day it starts.

The battle can end by the following ways.

  1. Reaching 100 Kills
  2. If one of the sides wishes to Surrender, or refuse to fight until the kill limit( Even if they are ahead on kills)

IMPORTANT: If a player already participated in a battle in one guild this player its NOT allowed to participate for other teams!! so be aware of the side you
are going to fight for! If a team fights with an irregular member it will generate and automatic defeat.

[The Tournament will have 2 Stages]

At the first stage all guilds will battle each other at least 1 time and will be ranked according to the number of wins and defeats.
The Number of teams that qualify to the second stage depends on how much teams will participate.
In case of a draw between the worst ranked teams, those teams will face each other and the winner will be qualified to the next stage.

2nd Stage - Best of 3 Knockout Style
The number of stages will depend on the amount of teams that participated in the event and qualified for the knockout stage.
Teams will face each other with battles happening every 2 days and first to win 2 battles qualifies or wins the tournament!

Nostalrius Team works continuously for the improvement of the server and wishes the very best luck for all participants!
Tournament rules can be changed by nostalrius staff. If less then 2 teams subscribe to the event it will be canceled.
Have Fun!

Best regards,
Nostalrius Staff.