Download Client
Published at: 19/09/2019 16:10

Caros jogadores,

Click HERE to Download the Client!
Click AQUI! para fazer o Download do Client!

Problemas com DLL no Client? Faça o Download dos complementos da Microsoft clicando AQUI!
Do you have some issue with missing DLLS? Click HERE! to install the packet.

Caso houver problemas com o Client, feche tudo e abra novamente para que o sistema realize o update automático.
Do you have some issue with the Client? Close everything and open again to the system run the auto update.

Clique no WATCH NOW! para conferir todos os vídeos das Hunts Custom do Nostalrius.

Click at the WATCH NOW! to check all the videos about the custom Hunts that we have on Nostalrius.


Equipe Nostalrius

Create Account
Published at: 18/09/2019 10:36

Caros jogadores,

Você ainda não criou a sua conta? Clique agora mesmo em (Register Now).
O servidor só vai estar disponível para jogar no dia 19 de Setembro as 20:00 horas. O Download do client será disponibilizado no mesmo dia.


  • Coloque um e-mail válido no cadastro para ativar a sua conta e GUARDE sua Security Key.
  • As contas devem conter de 5 a 7 números e as senhas devem conter letras maiúsculas e minúsculas, acompanhado de números e caracteres especiais para garantir uma melhor segurança aos jogadores.
  • Clique em (Server Info) para maiores informações.

Don't have an Account? Click right now at (Register Now).
The server will only be available to play on September 19TH 01:00 CEST.


  • Place a valid email in the register to be able to active your account and SAVE your Security Key.
  • The accounts must contain 5-7 numbers and the passwords must contain upper and lower case letters, accompanied by numbers and special characters to ensure better security for the players.
  • Click in (Server Info) to get extra information.

Nostalrius Team

Second Season
Published at: 21/08/2019 22:01

Dear Players,

Get ready for the second season of Fearless. The first season was a big success that we got more than 1150 players online. Now we are working harder to improve the server and solve all the issues that our players reported. I can guarantee that this next season will be amazing. Do you have any suggestions that can make the Nostalrius a better server? Send an email to ([email protected]) or contact us by Discord.


(Only one character per account can receive the prizes and it`s not accumulated. There is an exception for the first Level 150/200 that will receive R$100,00 BRL Extra. The rest of the money R$100,00 BRL will be delivered for the second Level 200.)

  • First Level 200: R$200,00 BRL
  • First Level 150: R$ 100,00 BRL
  • First Magic Level 80: R$50,00 BRL
  • First Fist 90: R$50,00 BRL
  • First Club 90: R$50,00 BRL
  • First Sword 90: R$50,00 BRL
  • First Axe 90: R$50,00 BRL
  • First Distance 90: R$50,00 BRL
  • First Shield 90: R$50,00 BRL
  • First Fishing 90: R$50,00 BRL

News (More news are coming)

  • New Client with (DASH System) to provide the best quality of playability and remove any kind of lags.
  • The player's speed has been fixed according the Real Tibia 8.0
  • Unique Outfits (Golden Outfit + Demon Outfit + Archer Outfit + Executer Outfit)
  • Trainers (8h day only Premmy)
  • The delay for moving the rings and necklaces has been removed
  • The Burst Arrow has been fixed according the Real Tibia 8.0
  • We removed all the outfits from the Store. Now all of than can be obtained through Items. Check the details clicking (HERE!)
  • Skinning System (Obsidian Knight / Blessed Wooden Stake)
  • The Svargrond Arena is 100% for all levels
  • Now the Battlefield event has a time limit of 20 minutes
  • Now if you buy some items and your Backpack become full the other slots will be filled.
  • Now you can catch Scarab Coins digging the deserts
  • We are working into new places to Hunting (Check The Map Section Soon)
  • Active Support Team (In-game and Ticket/E-mail System)
  • Solo Desert Quest
  • MW ML 8 for Knights


01 Level to 20 Level: 15x
21 Level to 40 Level: 10x
41 Level to 60 Level: 5x
61 Level to 80 Level: 4x
81 Level to 100 Level: 3x
101+: 2x

Skills: 4x
Magic Level: 2x
Loot: Custom

Activating shared experience among character of:

  • Same vocation: 20%
  • 2 different vocations: 30%
  • 3 different vocations: 60%
  • 4 different vocations: 100%

Nostalrius Team

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